Friends of Athelstan Museum (FOAM)

Athelstan MuseumFriends of Athelstan Museum started life in 1981 as a supporters’ club for the museum. Very quickly we became known as FOAM or ‘froth’ or even ‘Bubbles’ to our more frivolous friends.

Right from the word go we had four main objectives; to enjoy ourselves; to learn more of history and especially local history; to publicise and support the museum and to raise funds to buy things for the collection. This we did by our own efforts and by finding grants – a lot easier process in those days!

The range of objects was enormous, like a drawing of the Market Cross here in Malmesbury by Tom Girton who was a contemporary and friend of J M W Turner. They toured the country together as young men drawing what they found, apparently not only famous buildings and not always soberly. Like the brass dog collar; like the Flying Monk pub sign; like the meat dish; like oh do come and see for yourselves.

Latterly things have become more serious. We now run the Athelstan Museum and own and look after the collection. We are responsible for funding this, plus rates, plus heat and light, plus a hundred and one other items which is why there are so many appeals for funds on the site!

FOAM Council

Heritage lottery funding means champagne all round

Sharon Nolan - Chairman:
Charles Gould - Treasurer
Angela Sykes - Recording Secretary
Maria Marsh - Curator
Janet Casselden - Outreach Coordinator
Bridget Robison - Volunteer Coordinator
Roger Griffin - Public Relations
Dave Heiland - IT Support
Marie-Clare Brind - Membership Secretary
Carolyn Brothwood
Catherine Doody - Hospitality
Caroline Allington - Collection Conservator


Heritage lottery funding meant champagne all round. Now all we need is 10,000 a year for all our running costs

Please feel free to contact us if you want to volunteer, make a donation or just ask a question.