Inside Athelstan Museum

Topographical ModelAthelstan Museum is located in the Town Hall on the north side of the Cross Hayes, the square with the big car park in the centre of Malmesbury. Going through the Tourist Information Centre you enter the Museum through the large archway. The volunteers' desk is immediately to your left and if you have any questions please ask them. Immediately in front of you is a large topographical model of the town with illuminated features which illustrates what an ideal place Malmesbury is to fortify; and if you are new to the town it will help you orientate yourself very quickly.



Museum InteriorThe museum is laid out around a time line which links Malmesbury with national and global events. Don't miss the archaeological drawers nor the Romano British coffin. There are features of Iron Age Malmesbury, the Saxon influences and especially King Athelstan who had a soft spot for the town. We have a wonderful interactive model of Malmesbury Abbey in the fourteenth century, which can be dismantled and assembled. We think the present abbey magnificent; the model shows what it was like in its prime. See Eilmer, our flying monk and Walter Powell, the ill-fated balloonist; learn about Thomas Hobbes, the famed philosopher; look into our lace-makers cottage and learn about our silk industry.


Athelstan Museum ShopThere is much, much more - you'll have to come and see for yourself. On the way out there is a small sales area, including books and booklets about Malmesbury and its characters. If our diplays have whetted your appetite these will tell you more.